About Us

Basic Information

Name of the Organization : K.G. Patel & Company

Year of establishment : 1990 – K.G. Construction / 2004 – K.G. Patel & Company

Status of organization : Private Limited Company

Name of Director : Bhalchandra. K. Patel

Field of construction : Industrial and Commercial

  • Industrial sheds
  • Roads (Bitumen and R.C.C. With Trimex Road)
  • Equipment and Machine Foundation Work
  • Maintenance work of Industries
  • Chemical and convention water Proofing work

Who are we?

In 1990, the late Mr. Kalanbhai Patel, father of our present Managing Director, Mr. Bhalchandra Patel, laid the foundation of K.G construction With a vision to provide quality construction to the industrial, commercial and housing sector. The company initiated its operations in Union territory Of Daman. The company soon established a reputation of quality construction and Handled many projects.

Today, K.G. Patel & Company leading Construction company in the industrial sector. The company also has extensive experience in handling commercial and housing projects as well as in star Hotels.

Industrial construction is a very important component of the construction industry. At K.G. Patel & Company we bring refreshing approach to the entire design and build process and have value additions at every stage. Our team of engineers is Proactive which means that all projects are executed with quality finishing and industry standards within the stipulated time period.



To be significant contributor in industrial construction.



To build quality construction timely and to achieve highest level of customer satisfaction.


Quality Policy

To deliver quality construction within committed time frame, observing strict engineering safety and environment standards and to strive for continual improvement through upgraded technology.

Commitment to our Valued clients

We consider each client to be or asset. Challenging deadlines are accepted with full confidence. Modern construction technology and quality control systems are deployed for planning, scheduling and execution of projects in time.

As your service partner K.G Patel & Company provides you personalized, honest approach which very few companies can offer, giving an edge, over others.

Our team

We are a professionally managed company having a team of dedicated and self motivated individuals. TEAM K.G.’s Project managers, engineers and skilled professionals have a proactive attitude towards every project and are amongst the best in the industry.

K.G. Patel & Co. has a core team of senior executives, all with more than 20 years of individual multi-faceted high caliber construction experience.

We treat every project as vital to the company’s successful growth and sustainability, Hence, In every contract, the directors to managers to staff – all get involved and pay attention to all details. From the tendering stage, project’s construction designs are interrogated an innovative solutions proposed. These are coupled with detail engineering exercises undertaken with a view to cut down costs and enhance value.

K.G. Patel & Company has a professionally qualified management structure. Our project managers are empowered to make decisions and are given total responsibility of the project. They enjoy the full support and have free access to the resources of the office.

Our system has successfully developed totally integrated solutions for successful management of the four major project variables:

  • Materials
  • Documents
  • Progress
  • Cost

We utilize the services of the best in class consultants for their valuables advice In areas like geo-technical, marine works, specialized construction solution, concrete design, modern cladding technology, etc, with a provide added solutions to the clients.

Qualities we implement

  • Reliability : we provide and deliver precision services timely
  • Experience : we have been delivering first class quality for years
  • Innovation : we stay one step ahead always
  • Products : we offer our customers exactly what they need
  • Environment technology : we protect our environment
  • Trust : we believe in customer satisfaction
  • Efficiency : we help to lower construction costs & reduce time
  • Safety : all the above is possible only if SAFE working practices are adopted
  • Team-work : we work as a TEAM to meet the highest requirements

At K.G. Patel & Company we have the optimum amalgamation of people, experience and professionalism to give life to one’s imagination. We serve our clients with quality construction which adds value to their projects. Time standards are followed to produce construction of high standard. We work in close co-coordinator with our clients, consultants & architects and offer cost & time saving solutions in both pre and post construction stages.

Our is a transparent policy with an honest approach and long term vision. K.G. Patel & Co. has proven success all over Daman in the field of providing efficient construction Projects and related services to client’s satisfaction. Hence, we are Time tested and Trusted.

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